Snail Bob 3

Experience wonder, magic, and fight off bad guys in Snail Bob 3! Travel to the other side of the world – Egypt, to be exact – to collect golden stars and try to find your way back home. This episode is packed with challenging levels, amazing graphics, cute characters. Play Snail Bob 3 today to see if you can beat every level in the game!

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Characters and Storyline

In Snail Bob 3, you play as our favorite, curious snail buddy, Bob. One-day Bob and his Grandpa decided to visit the history museum in the center of town. During the tour, Bob discovers a mysterious ring – a very large ring, actually, decorated in pure gold and accented in fine gems. Bob is mesmerized by this unique contraption, until his Grandfather insists that he leave it alone. Bob accidentally activated the mechanism, which everyone thought hasn’t worked for hundreds of years. He discovers that the contraption is actually a time machine, and it sucks him into the time portal! Help Snail Bob navigate his way through Ancient Egypt in search for another time machine that can take him back to his own time!


Similar to the previous versions, the controls in Snail Bob 3 are quite easy to use – you only need your mouse to complete each level. However, players may also choose to use a few manual key controls on their keyboard for certain actions like activating one of the two available speed boosters.


Your primary objective is to complete each level successfully by using the various tools and levers available throughout the game. In addition, avoid any enemies that you may encounter!

However, unlike the previous versions, in this episode players are also tasked with finding the three golden stars hidden in every level. Collecting the stars will help to boost your score significantly as well as unlock special pictures for you to enjoy in the Gallery. To visit the Gallery, go to the main screen and find the Gallery button at the bottom center of the page. Alternatively, you can also go to the Gallery page from the level map page.

New pictures in the Gallery will unlock as you collect more stars. While you should try to take the time to find all of the stars in each level before advancing to the next, you do not have to earn three stars in a single level in order to unlock the next picture. For instance, you can earn a three stars in level one to unlock the second picture, then two stars in level to an done star in level three to unlock the third picture. Although, doing this will cause you to not be able to unlock all of the pictures in the Gallery, and force you to go back to levels previously completed in order to collect the missing stars!

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Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey is packed with over twenty levels for players to enjoy. Each level offers a different challenging maze or obstacle to complete. Some levels may have different enemies to combat as well, while others have harmful triggers that will cause instant death when touched! Collect all three stars in all 25 levels as fast as you can in order to achieve a super high score and unlock all of the pictures in the game!


Are you stuck on a level? Don’t worry! There are dozens of video walkthrough’s available all over the internet that can help you pass virtually any level in the game! Many of these videos are available to watch on YouTube, while others may be found on various other websites.